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I’m fine in the way a woman usually is when she says FINE — lol — which is good, getting business done and being slightly down in-between. Except now, sober, it doesn’t seem like life or death or even permanent. (or is that just old age and wisdom?)

Exciting news in the form of a 36 gallon fish tank.  Beautiful and has already encouraged hours of meditation. Water falling, several fish from a Sunrise Gourami (Juno) – to a Bali shark (Zoe), a couple rasboras (Detectives Flynn and Provenza after ‘The Closer‘ characters; as they seem to patrol the fish tank) and two pleco’s one I call Jr. because he is so small. And one invertebrate – Jaque lol (‘Finding Nemo’) Also ‘The Dread Pirate Robert’; the one fish that seemed to survive the move, the cat, several unplanned water changes, and chasing some neons to the top so the cat would eat them instead of him  whereby earning him his name, was in a small zen 5 gallon tank. He seems to be well pleased with the new tank and space but took to antagonizing the Bali, who already hit the tank has a nervous nelly. Odd for a poor fish named after a shark — but I have named her Zoe — in the hopes she shall live. There is also another fish of unknown origin that I call A.D.H.D. because she continue’s to dart everywhere, making sudden stops and turns – hyper, aimless and forgetful has all getout — o wait, that’s me.  small chuckle there.

I had already run out of mass, church, whatever you call those nondenominational gatherings that morning. Hey, I don’t mind shaking hands, but seriously when you have us break into groups of three or four my need for community and Spirit is suddenly forgotten and I flee! seriously — soon as we stood up I told husband- out, out out, move, move — pushing a little on his back! I longed for the safety of my Catholic Church —  Though Richard Rohr speaks to how pastors have to dumb down the message and it is difficult for true spiritual transformations to occur. How this segued into a trip to the pet store after breakfast I have no idea.

I have to got to the University to withdraw this week and hopefully they will extend the application until the following semester. (Which causes a great deal of sadness.) I’m confident they will. I’m still working on math online so who knows, I may test into Pre-Calc.   It’s is dogone hot — some say 117 today — though I think more like 113 –  this has been an unusually long hot summer. If it’s global warming I told Mtn Man we need to move — my sis wants me in California, but that is going to fall off into the ocean. But at least my BS in marine science won’t go to waste.

My Jason is due for his weekly visit and we will cook again together. It’s his big effort and then I make one trying to learn or watch a video game.  Also, this is the first week since the beginning of June that I have had 7 sick free days in a row. I’m afraid to say anything. And of course now I don’t want any procedures!


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