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Once Again

Once again I start a blog.

There has been the diet blog on listening to your own intuition. I decided Primal/Paleo was the way to go and hence the blog title PrimalIntuition was born. Had fun with the design. However, counter-intuitively I promptly signed up for delivered foods. The food was gluten free and I thought the answer to many prayers of healing and weight-loss. Then I dutifully photographed and posted what turned out to be many versions of quinoa and sweet potatoes. This eventually put a dent in my enthusiasm.

I also unwisely bought a domain title at WordPress for another blog about healthy eating thinking that would ensure success and started the steep learning curve to figuring out how to Tag and do amazing feats in the blogosphere– clever, but that didn’t work so well. I spent days designing and into the wee hours of the nights researching, then changing the layout until it went from what I liked to what I thought others would like. My inner artist had fun but the writer got all tuckered out.

There was the original mixed-media collage blog; that one lasted almost two years, probably my most successful. – I had fun. Lots of friends in the art blogging world. And one more very brief – maybe four hours long in the excitement of Epiphany (appropriate!) when I am reborn a Catholic; from Christmas to Ash Wednesday — I seem to fizzle during Lent not usually making it to the resurrection. But, I had high hopes; in the anticipation of the devoted servant I was on my way to becoming I started a blog to write about my conversion back to the Catholic faith. Faith is an interesting concept, for another time however. It was short-lived; the blog, not necessarily faith. Spent most of the time figuring out how to size and post the little picture of the lamb and cross in my side bar.

So, once again into the breach. This flavor of the month is ‘normal’. Well, whatever is normal for being on the other side of angst at mid-life (thank god), post empty-nest, semi-settled in the next phase of my life’s purpose and the actual comfort of being old enough to know better, but not yet dead or even heading for the door! (Never noticed how many hyphens are at mid-age!) It’s quite peaceful this empty and mostly clean house. The only reminder of small children is stepping on Lucy the cats’ clear pink rattle toy. It rolls around, and makes noise, and every time I think of the boys when they were wee small and stepping on Lego’s and Ninja Turtle action figures. Now there is a creamy Kwan Yin sitting crossed-legged on the floor and my Gram’s cream round backed Victorian chair with legs and arm rests that make it look like it will get up and walk into Beauty and the Beast, the movie.



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